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The UNCIRF and its invasiveness-anti national

The UPA government’s unprecedented step of inviting the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (UNCIRF) to visit Gujarat and Orissa is not only disturbing but also portents greater harm to harmony and unity of the country.  It exposes the country to international policing which has its ramification on areas of the violations of the integrity and sovereignty of the nation. Today it can be a Commission why not later an army? It can be for the purpose of protection the minorities. The basic premise is the same.

Hypothetically let’s imagine that the Commission faults the government of both the States on their failure to protect the minorities.  Should Naveen Patnaik and Narendra Modi appear before this Commission and plead guilty-or plead innocent and with all humility accept the penalty it will impose. Can there be a greater insult to democracy and to the sovereignty of this country. It is invasion-be it territorial, social or  religious- no matter which area invasiveness of any kind cannot be accept by any norm. What then is the role of the Congress led UPA government? Does it not stand indicted for its impotency to curb violence? It cannot abdicate its responsibility and obligation to protect the minorities and rein in the State governments. Hence if this is logically followed then accused no one is the Congress –Manmohan Singh-proof of his political weakness. Which country would tolerate such invasion and interference in its internal affairs? Are we bonded to the USA and its various organizations? No patriotic Indian irrespective of religion would accept the policing of this nation by outside agencies.

Can the CBCI and the INDIAN Churches which objected to such invasiveness 9 years ago now make a U-turn? In the course of five years what has been the persecution witnessed in India.  The Brahmin Pundits killed in hundreds and chased away from J& K under ethnic cleansing has not raised the international community’s concern. The rape of the five nuns in Junabha after wrong reporting was set right when the nuns themselves gave interviews and said that it had nothing to do with religion. In fact those involved were converted tribals . In Orissa the massacre of Swami Lakshmananda and his disciples led to a clash in which not only Christians were victims but also Hindus were killed. The infamous  Gujarat riots are being tried by the SIT. But the earlier versions and the gory stories of brutality and rape and massacres made by the activist Teesta Setalvad were found be faked, cooked up, witnesses and their statements doctored- hence the Supreme Court rejected the bundle of lies.

Against this backdrop the Congress allowing the UNCIRF to enquire into the violence against the minorities is political in intend and has everything to do to further divide the people on religious grounds. Will the UNCIRF be allowed to enter Pakistan or any Islamic country where there is discrimination against the minorities?

The Congress and the Christian churches seem to conspire against the Hindus. This is evident when one looks at the pre-election scenario. In April the Catholic Bishops  Conference of India (CBCI) issued ‘Ten Commandments list of dos and don’ts for the Catholics to follow. But it did not indicate which party to vote for. This was followed by a number of churches scripting prayers for the ‘flock’ which was couched in appeals to God to bring in a party which will allow religious freedom. and uphold the same guaranteed in the Constitution. Across India the whole Christian community was galvanized by such covert campaigning. Then in Karnatake a priest had the audacity to openly tell the ‘flock’ not to vote for the BJP. Joining hands with the Muslim leaders the Catholic leaders also issued fatwa-overtly and covertly compelling the ‘flock’ to vote for the Congress. The Election Commission is unmindful of this religious-politics mix and this  blatant communalism. Only when Advani appeals to the Hindu religious leaders the EC becomes alert and people like John Dayal makes it a case for condemnation. He did not hesitate to assert that the Churches do not give any directives nor interfere in the freedom of the Christians to vote for the party of their choice. It is only when the Hindu organizations and BJP politicians appeal to the people the ire of the EC is provoked. Then the media will come out with
its secular advocacy and condemn the communalism of the BJP  and its allies

The churches double speak has exposed its ulterior motive-9 years ago (Sept 2000)when the CBCI had described as  “unwarranted” the proposed hearing on religious freedom in India by the UNCIRF and distanced itself from John Dayal by stating that he was attending it in  his individual capacity. It is relevant to recall what the Christian MPs felt then. They acknowledged the need to curb the influence of fundamentalists over the community and the Church. By disposing before the US panel Dayal has given the Hindu extremist groups valid reason to doubt the integrity of the community and ‘we could just be inviting Hindu extremist backlash’ rued Patty Ripple Kyndiah-who further added that the antics of John Dayal is against national interests. Former Speaker P.A Sagma endorsed the views of  Kyndiah, ‘This is our internal problem. We are capable of solving it’.

What has changed in the last nine years? The number of churches built has increased more than a hundred fold. Christians institutions are given all the financial assistance, Christians have occupied hundreds and hundreds of acres of  promboke land on which they quickly put up a shack and a cross-for further putting up pucca buildings both commercial and religious-this enables them to occupy land, acquire assets-evade tax and even electricity charges. It would be of national interest to make a survey and find out the status of the Churches property wise and cash wise.
The fact that when in so called Christian countries churches are closing down herein India churches are annually increasing in number. Even in Italy the churches are empty but here the churches are full every Sundays and the pulpit is used even against the government but goes unchallenged.

From a poor country like ours money flows to Rome-from congregations working for the poor and the  destitute in India money flows to Vatican. Are these signs of a persecuted church? The flow of money to churches and church allied ‘development organizations have trebled during the last five years. The government of India has these on its record. Is this a sign of a church that is under duress and its people victims of rape and atrocities?  Why then should money from here go to Rome/Vatican? The  Cross is not a sign to camouflage lies and cover truth. The church by its anti national stand is crucifying Truth. Jesus was faithful to his Jewish traditions and to insult that he was crucified naked on the cross (no loin cloth) so the bible states. Why should a people who proclaim that they stand for His values become anti-national and betray their own country and country men? Are non minorities not raped, butchered, victimized in this country? To whom do they appeal? They do not run to international lobbies. This is a sad commentary on the Christian community and its loyalties. One is first an Indian then a Christian-for one cannot change one’s nationality but can change ones religion. The CBCI and the laity leaders cannot do greater harm to the community than participate in the UNCIRF sittings. In fact they should have protested against this unprecedented move of the Congress under Mrs Sonia Gandhi. The Christian community cannot be mortgaged for her ulterior political motives. Religion is an emotive issue and once the people are permanently divided-the national unity will be a thing of the past and at the drop of a hat the country will erupt into a civil war.

Every communal riot if  objectively analyzed was a backlash and the poor people irrespective of religion were the victims. The power games  of the powerful have torn nations apart by war followed by famines leading to a total destruction and subjugation a people. The interference into our internal affairs must be seen on a larger scale frame earlier experience-present position with a projection on the future. Invasiveness of any kind in the affairs of a  sovereign country means two things-the supervisory role of the invasive country/organization and the subjective, subservient level of the interfered country. We have a democracy and a Constitution which has stood us well. Except for some aberrations brought by vest interest politicians the people have always been able to overcome this and to set the tone and tenure for harmonious unity. This is the only country in the world which has opened its arms to all religions and all people and thus became the cradle of world religions. The fringe Christian churches have been  misusing the Freedom of Religion proselytizing, and poaching on other churches creating social tensions. One is not judged by one’s religion but will be judged in the measure of love one has lived with and the Truth one has upheld.

PS-Would the Church permit the UNCIRF to visit the convents which have reported rapes, sexual violations, murders and oppression of women (nuns).

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

June 22, 2009 at 9:51 am 5 comments


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