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The Cornation of Rahul Gandhi

I agree with Arun Jaitley when he accuses the Congress of converting the world’s largest democracy into a dynastic society. There is no doubt about this and it is a tragedy. That there are other political families following suit is no justification nor does it augur well for sound political maturity- a democracy.
The Chintan Shivir of the Congress at Jaipur was a damp squib. The oldest party of India has nothing to fall back but the ‘sacrifices’ of the family and the family name to nominate the second in command- Rahul Gandhi.In all the ‘sweat’ and ‘tears’ and the emotional turmoil Rahul Gandhi ‘s nomination was no great surprise-neither was there any message in it. For quite some time now RG was been ‘dress rehearsed’ for this event. The problems and the issues of the ami admis were forgotten and no road map was rolled out. What is laughable is RG demanding sweat while the whole lot of sycophants assembled at the Chintan Shiriv were emotional and shedding tears, hugging and kissing and shoulder patting- Sheila Dikshit even kissed the hand of Sonia Gandhi and borrowed the handkerchief of RG to wipe her tears. What a tamasha! What is good for you is not good for me-was RG ever the ‘sweating’ worker?And for him to demand now ‘sweat’ was a strange demand. He had to strike an emotional chord when he recapitulated that his grandmother was killed by two cops. Does he know the background of how this happened and why it happened? India still demands an answer to this. It is a know fact that the TV crew who was to interview Indira Gandhi was phoned by someone in the household to prepone the interview by half an hour. It was also a known fact that the security guards were changed half an hour earlier than their scheduled time. It was also a known fact that Indira Gandhi was taken by surprise when she was told that the TV crew had arrived. It is also a known fact that the two cops who shot at Indira Gandhi were overpowered and at point blank range shot by the BSF.These have raised doubts in the minds of people. These have not been cleared till date and hence when Rahul Gandhi tries to make out the sacrifices one of which is the assassination of his grandmother I am reminded of these and wonder why and who affected that ominous half an hour preponment change…?Does the nation not have a right to know these? It is not as though a private individual was assassinated and ‘sacrificed”.The Prime Minister of India was assassinated and the Nation has a right to know the facts and clear the doubts. It is shocking that Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka frequently fall back on ‘sacrifices’ to barter for and justify their power .What about the jawans who lost their lives?Are theirs not sacrifices?
It is time that Rahul Gandhi stop using the ‘Gandhi’ coinage to climb up the ladder. But then it is a shame that Sonia Gandhi who stated that ‘performance and not patronage must be the ladder to advancement in the party’ did just the opposite. Similarly both mother and son talked of nepotism-of corruption and Mrs Sonia Gandhi raised the pitch when she called upon the Congress party to fight corruption and struggle against it as a movement. How could the corrupt fight corruption is the million dollar question. All they stated sounded good if it came from other quarters but coming from the Congress which is steeped in scams, aggrandizement, callousness and immune to people’s issues and problems these sounded hypocritical.
I am reminded of a story. A priest who was a good preacher, on a Sunday took up the 7thCommandement-(Thou shall not steal) and the Tenth Commandement(thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s goods)I am sure Mrs Sonia Gandhi as a Roman Catholic would be able to recapitulate her catechism and refresh herself on the Ten Commandments. Well this priest combined it both and expounded eloquently well touching every one in the church of the evils of stealing and plundering other people’s goods-It was so powerful that many made resolutions not to steal and plunder. They were repentant for their past and resolved not to commit these any more. Having accomplished his Sunday duty the priest was satisfied that he did a good job. Many of his parishioners went up to him after the service and congratulated him and expressed their desire to follow his advice. That day he sat down to relish his sumptuous breakfast as usual. He noticed that his daily two eggs for breakfast were missing. So he called his cook and asked him why he had not placed his customary two eggs for breakfast. The cook with eyes downcast told him that his sermon was so touching that he resolved never to steal-for the daily two eggs were stolen from his neigbour.The priest got very enraged-threw down his napkin and shout at the cook ‘But that was not meant for you and me-it was meant for others to follow’.
The sermons of Mrs Sonia Gandhi of performance and patronage was then for others-of avoiding lavish weddings and celebrations again was for others.She adopts a lavish life style-Living in No 10 Janpath Road she gets her entittlements all right. ‘Let me reiterate corruption at all levels is a deep rooted malice (should have been malaise) and all sections of society are affected by it .As a party we must lead the struggle to combat its effect”, this was what Mrs Sonia Gandhi said. I don’t think that a dirty hand can clean dirt.A corrupt Congress party calling to struggle against corruption sounded ridiculous. Look at the scams it is buried in and what was the reaction-pointing at other scams of other parties. When one points one finger to the others four fingers point to oneself. She forgets that as a party which ruled the longest in India the Congress must own up to the abetment of corruption on all sides. It has given refuge to scamsters-given them high posts-protection and has delayed the process of justice. And why struggle to combat only its effect-why not corruption itself and the corrupt people?
What about the black money- there was no mention about it. How coolly Chidambaram tells the nation that one lakh crore of rupees cannot be got back from Hasan Ali Khan.What about the small tax payers? And why should it be written off.It is the people’s money. Hasan Ali Khan then may be the front or the benami of someone in the high echelons of power. What is the connection between Ahmed Patel and Hasan Ali Khan? These and more can be asked of the Congress. So the Chintan Shivir was a cornation celebration where the aam admis were buried deep down in the ‘tears’ and sermons meant for others.There was no soul searching and no mention of the people’s issues.
Sonia Gandhi’s son Rahul Gandhi can celebrate his b’days abroad.Three layer security for them but no security for the aam admis.The best doctors are available in India but Mrs Sonia Gandhi had to go to the US for treating her undisclosed ailment and took up a service apartment.All this is at whose cost? Talking about performace Rahul Gandhi in his 9 years as a Parliamentarian spoke just twice. Of course it is another matter that he is not able to vibe with the real India and feel its pulse-because he sees two India and he lives in a super India in an ivory tower-once in a way he gets out to interact with students and this after a long ground work has been done by others. He is accustomed to receive only bouquets not brickbats. Rahul Gandhi wants internal party democracy. He has been saying this now for some time but will he be able to put it in action? He himself is a prisoner of dynasty-of nepotism and lacks performance. He climbed the ladder of advancement in the party just because he is the scion of the Gandhi family.What has he proved-what has he shown in his report card. When Nirbhaya’s brutal rape case triggered off a spontaneous protest by the youth he was conspicuous by his absence. He frequently disappears and is never in the thick of things. Others can attribute this and that to his genius but the nation has still to hear and experience this.
It must not be forgotten that his father Rajiv Gandhi also ascended the throne in an emotional scenario.The whole nation looked up to him. But when it came to action he failed-failed and the Congress party lost miserably. It was only in those States which went to the polls after his assassination that the Congress won-this again on an emotional upsurge.Rahul Gandhi warns that nothing should be done on emotion.That is quite true and yet he fell back on emotion to give the wake up call to the Congress.
Let us watch out because he cannot be just peeping into Kalavati’s hut and sharing rotis to garner votes.This time he has to remember that 30 percent of the population lives in cities and towns.Nearly 200 of the Lok Sabha seats are from the urban and semi urban and nearly 50 percent of the population is under 35 years.Which India is Rahul Gandhi going to project. It is a big joke if he says that he belongs to rural India which also means that he wants to project himself as being with the poor while all the time everyone knows that he belongs to the super rich. So this deception will not last and will not translate into votes.The educated youth are well informed.The spontaneous out cry against Nirbhaya’s brutal rape was not just for a single incident –it was against the discrimination-lack of security, callousness and indifference, and against the great divide between the ruling class and the aam admis.What has the Congress to say for the more than 500 rapes a year in Delhi?
It will be a great risk to put a person like Rahul Gandhi at the helm of affairs when the country is fighting terrorist of all shades.The biggest terrorism comes from Islamic groups both within the country and cross border. What has Rahul Gandhi to say about Foreign relations and foreign policy. We do not know his mind on these. Even about India he has not been clear.Unless we are certain about his views on major issues-just not on the two Indias one cannot entrust the chair of the Prime Minister to him. It has to expose himself and train himself for this arduous task of leading the nation. Just now he is leading a party of sycophants and it is easy because they can only sing hosannas and scream that all his utterances are words of gold. No one dares to criticize him. But that is very different from leading a coalition government and dealing with a vast range of intra and internal problems, of withstanding the test of an aggressive Opposition. Let the Congress party then not play with the destiny of the nation by just thinking that a Gandhi name is all that requires leading this vast and ancient land.
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

January 23, 2013 at 9:22 am 7 comments

Sovereignty of the nation at risk

Pakistan Troops are jihadis-In a brutal crossborder raid these jihadis of the Pakistani army killed two jawans Lance Naik Hemraj and Lance Naik Sudhakar of the Rajaputana rifles-slit their throats-mutilated them and beheaded them-carrying away one of the heads as a trophy. There is no condemnation from the Prime Minister because the remote control held by Sonia Gandhi is dead. Remember It took seven days for the PM to open his mouth and say something after the brutal rape of Nirbhaya.And now there is a stunning silence.
Salman Kurshid is still bent on dialogue with Pakistan which we all know is a time wasting device.What is the dialogue about. This is exactly what happened under Nehru when he was embracing the Chinese and the sloganing China India Bhai Bhai they were invading the country. The Nehru Gandhi family has absolutely no love for the country because the bandicoots of the neighboring countries are nibbling away the country’s land in the borders- but there is indifference and no action on the part of the ruling class. Now it is Sonia Gandhi’s turn to complete this insolent indifference to the country’s security. Millions of Bangladeshis have migrated into the country and spread out to various parts-the GOI has not had the will power to push out the illegal migrants
Yes I blame Mrs Sonia Gandhi because it well known that she decides. Did not Sushil Kumar Shinde, the Home Minister remind the electorate in Gujarat-specifically in Vadodara that Mrs Sonia Gandhi had appointed Sayed Asif Ibrahim-a Muslim as chief of the Intelligence Bureau? What did he mean? As least for public consumption he should have stated that the GOI had appointed a Muslim to that post. No, he categorically said that Mrs Sonia Gandhi appointed a Muslim. So it is not a secret that Mrs Sonia Gandhi calls the shots. Only when she allows the PM he utters something.
Why is the country mortgaged to the Pakistan and the Pakistanis who are in India or call themselves Indians? Will any country tolerate a foreign flag to be hoisted within its territory? Will any country carry on a mirage of a relationship when there is utter disdain and distrust on the part of Pakistan towards India? Pakistan adopts such an attitude because it knows very well that India is a soft target. For the sake of the Muslim votes Mrs Sonia Gandhi and her coterie will not in word and deed go against the Muslims-in fact it is on a war footing of appeasement to the Muslims in India. What does this show? It shows that the Muslims have their affinity to Pakistan and is more loyal to it than to India. The ruling class for their own power caters to this loyalty and is afraid to rub the Pakistanis hard. Can we not act boldly for the safety and security of the country?
Look what Akbaruddin Owaisi threatened-he cautioned that the 25 crores of Muslims in India can finish off the Hindus.That this country belongs to the Hindus. There is no whimper from Mrs Sonia Gandhi or /and the PM.It does not trouble them. (Only when Dr Haneef of B’lore was harassed in Australia the PM was quick not only to condemn it but said that he spent sleepless nights)What if one of the Hindu leaders uttered such a threat that the 80 percent of the one billion people would finish off the Muslims in the country if they cross the limits? This is the curse which Gandhi bestowed on this country. It should have been live or die then but when the Muslim leaders demanded a separate country for them he willingly partitioned the country-And what was the reason-that Muslims leaders gave-that the Muslims will not be able to integrate with the rest of the Indians. Then they should all have been told to quit this country or to stay back and learn to live by integrating with the rest –There should have been no other option. Now the solution has created more problems. We have them within the country and outside –two threats to deal with.
All because the Indian ruling class is power crazy and think of their own vested interest. Is our army incapable of driving out the Pakistanis out of the POK? Why has this not been done? So we keep running round the mulbery bush in dialogue while the Pakistani army kills and beheads our jawans.This brings me to another dimension of the gruesome incident.Look at sacrifice our jawans make Yet they do not demand No 10 Janpath or a power slot –nay India. Priyanka Vadra once said that no one has made sacrifices as her family had. What about the simple jawans who guard our borders? What do they demand in return? What about their families? Will the GOI give their daughters bungalows in a high security place? Will their sons in law be allowed to grab land? Will their wives be allowed to demand India or at least a high paying post? So the Nehru-Gandhi family must realize that sacrifice is not theirs alone. Rather one cannot call the assassinations sacrifices strictly- because they wanted power and played power games and faced the consequences. Perhaps Rajiv Gandhi’s death the Italian mafia and Quottrochi will be able to explain better. But these jawans had no power but only arduous task of guarding the country’s borders.What was their reward? Well if this does not fall under sacrifice then what does? And why were the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi silent. ? Why was the President of India-the Head of the armed forces not expressed his anguish. Does this sacrifice of the jawans not merit such?
In the ultimate analysis I wonder how Mrs Sonia Gandhi claims No 10 Janpath as her residence. Does it not belong to the people of India? Why does her picture appear always along with Manmohan Singh’s in government adverts? Is this not people’s money? Mrs Sonia Gandhi is only an MP though she may be the President of a political party. All this and more she can have but it must be paid by the Congress party-not by the Indian people’s tax money. She holds the chairperson position in at least 4 Trusts. What makes her deserve all this and more? Sacrifices? By whom? And yet she does not show her loyalty to this country. It is obvious in her silence against Pakistan Till date she has not bothered to reply to the allegation that she holds also an Italian passport. If she does not, then why not state so? All these go to question her loyalty to the nation.
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

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