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A second disaster the nation will not withstand

Rahul Gandhi’s utterances are really embarrassing for one who thinks he can become the next PM.In his interaction with students in Karnataka he make two points-one when questioned on Reservation-he justified it because everyone must be given a chance. Which means that he thinks reservation gives everyone a chance. He suggested the students to visit the villages and see why Reservation .Rahul Gandhi brought up in an ultra modern/urban environ and insulated of the realities of India thinks that students do not know rural India. His interaction with the youth reveals his bankruptcy of ideas and thoughts. If Reservation will give everyone a chance why has it not happened? If villages are backward it means that reservation did not help and his great grandfather, his grandmother, his father all have to be blamed for the miserable conditions in the villages. He is holding out hope that what his ancestors did not achieve he is going to change the faces of the villages. And we are fools to believe in this. Second point-to another query that reservation bypasses merit-he again had the same answer-everyone must be given a chance. May be his backroom boys did not prepare him well enough. The Constitutional Father had envisaged a time bound Reservation policy but the way it has been hijacked by the political class exposes not only their vest interests but also has put India on the reverse gear. For example now we have more segments of population categorized as backward, most backward and other backward. So India’s people are becoming more backward after 64 years of Independence. How can any government justify itself and its governance in making India more backward? Come elections and there is clamor among the different caste sects to be included as backward or as Schedule caste. Giving everyone a chance-Mayawati goes to London for her hairdressing; Ram Vilas Paswan has assets worth crores but all of them keep crying that the schedule castes are deprived and are in poverty. Why not distribute their largess? Lalu Prasad Yadav did not even spare the animals of their fodder in accruing the crores. Yet all these people are entitled to the benefits of the Reservation. The former late President-Narayanan’s daughter got her commissioned job in the air force under the SC quota. P.Chidambaram belongs to the BC and Karunanidhi and his clan belongs to the Most Backward caste. It does not matter if they are the richest in Asia. They and their posterity are entitled to the benefits of the Reservation. A.Raja minister of telecom and the scam associated with Spectrum 3 is another one- so are some of the SC judges and the judiciary fraternity. A family with three generations of doctors, IAS and Judges still clamor and grab the benefits of the Reservation. So how does Rahul Gandhi justify himself in thinking that Reservation will give everyone a chance? The greed of the politicians, their vested interest has been now legalized and constitutionalised by incorporating caste it in the Census. It may be a reality but all reality cannot be legalised. Say for example the blood letting, the numerous disasters due to systemic and systems failure, the jihadis, Naxals and Maoists are all part of the reality picture in India; will these figure in the Census? Will it become a Constitutional dimension-at least in the form of a caution and requisition to the States and the Centre to tackle these with an iron hand and uphold the security of the common people? There are realities which need to be uprooted and caste is one such. So how can it come into the census-this puts India in the reverse gear and is against the very spirit of the Constitution? Rahul Gandhi’s aspiration can be understood but his utterance is unconstitutional and undemocratic. For example to say that he is waiting…waiting for what and towards this he wants the help of the youth. If he had in mind the PM’s post then he has no sense of democracy. The Gandhis think that they have the divine right to rule India. The Divine Right theory is in the dustbin of history. To another question of his ‘who got us Freedom?” the answer was ‘Gandhiji’ I thought for a moment that he had placed himself in the Nursery class. Does he think that the youth are children? His answer was still more baffling, ‘No, the People of India’, he retorted. Then he should also know that his becoming the PM does not depend on his birth and his mother’s agenda but on the PEOPLE OF INDIA. One cannot be selective and fall back on the aam admis when it suits them and otherwise chalk out their own undemocratic journey to power .This is against all norms of democracy and Rahul Gandhi will be a disaster to India if he becomes the PM.We already have one disaster thrust upon us by his mother in MMSingh and another disaster would be too much for the country to withstand. Dr Mrs Hilda Raja Vadodara

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Chidambaram in Parliament on Bhopal gas tragedy tying himself in knots.

P.Chidambaram thinks that this country is a land of fools to listen to his glib talk and so he can sail through smoothly. He wants us to be naïve as to accept the whole thing and not be selective. And what is his ‘whole’ thesis-that the government failed, the judiciary let down the victims that the Executive failed in its obligation and that the elected representatives of the people failed miserably. So we shall accept this in full. What does this mean when he demands that we must accept this wholly or reject it wholly-cannot be selective. Lets then accept it wholly. But this does not give PC the freedom to selectively remove Rajiv Gandhi from the picture. He cannot blatantly then state that Rajiv Gandhi was not involved and had nothing to do with granting safe transit to Warren Anderson. It is PC who is selective and wants to insulate RG from his colossal failure.

.May we ask the Hon’ble minister then who was the Head of the government of India? Was RG not a representative of the people? So PC suffers from selective opportunism. What suits him and his party and what pleases Mrs Sonia Gandhi is to assert that RG was not involved. But P.C has failed miserable in this absolution of Rajiv Gandhi with what he has stated on the floor of the House He has fully involved Rajiv Gandhi and the other three constitutional arms of the Government. So as head of the GOI and as a People’s Representative that RG is fully involved along with his government lock stock and barrel and let down the people. By his own words P.Chidambaram has indicted Rajiv Gandhi.

The other alternative would be-we must accept that RG was a puppet, was out of the loop. But then there was no extra-constitutional power centre then and there was no institution as a NAC- as a pressure lobby. So the blame rests squarely on Rajiv Gandhi. The debate in the Lok Sabha is good reference for this and on the basis of what Chidambaram stated RG can be put on trial. It is one thing to coolly say that the GOI –People’s Representatives, Executive and Judiciary failed and another thing to say in the same breath that RG is not involved. It is contradictory.

It is not the narration of history and the acceptance of the failure that we want. We want reparation-we want justice for this colossal failure. Failure to sit up and take action when 15000  lives were lost, failure grapple with this human suffering of the poor, failure to rush to the rescue of the hapless victims, and failure to perform one’s obligated duty, failure to uphold the oath taken  to perform one’s duty without fear or favour. What does one call this kind of failure? Should we not put to trial persons who committed this blatant violation of duty and constitution obligation? And how swiftly the GOI rushed to award Rajiv Gandhi the Bharat Ratna. Now after 25 years his omissions and anti-people stand has been clearly revealed by the Congress Party MP and none other than the Home Minister. This calls for follow up action. It cannot be just brushed aside.

Yes the same questions could have been put across to those who were in power in 2001.But then who prevented the then Opposition from raising the issue and indicting  the then government? The result of all this accumulated omissions was what saw the BJP out of power. Now questions are raised and it is a sort of beating round the bush that P.Chidambaram resorted to when he asked the Opposition if the same questions were put to it in 2001 what would be the answers. The Congress did not raise the issue when in Opposition because the BJP government would have dug out the records and truth would be revealed.Hence it suited the Opposition to let the matter rest.

Chidambaram may be an expert lawyer but his expertise found him beating his chest and reciting ‘mea culpa, mea culpa mea maxima culpa” We need no other proof and we can simply throw Arjun Singh’s sycophancy statement to the dustbin. He tries to become the champion that he now wants Anderson to be punished. What a sordid melodrama of these ‘great’ men. We are to believe that Narasimha Rao was the culprit-that PVN was the sole man in charge and RG a puppet. We have to believe that Arjun Singh a close confidante of the Nehru-Gandhi family simply followed the Home Minister’s orders keeping Rajiv Gandhi out of the loop-and all this involving a foreign organization and its head. If he did then there was something basically wrong in the GOI and such a violation cannot be overlooked. There is a hierarchy and there is a group responsibility. Now to lumpen all the blame and fix it on PVN is unethical and politically wrong. It does not absolve the Congress party and its leaders and above all Rajiv Gandhi of this betrayal of the poor victims of the Bhopal gas.

It would be fair to stop all debates in Parliament if it is not going to end in voting because it is a waste of time-waste of words and creates a simulated kind of democracy. The aam admis must be told that when votes are sought they must stand up and reject the HAND-which has gone on record and accepted its betrayal. Rajiv Gandhi and the Congress party cannot run away from history because it suits them.

So it is for the people to reject the HAND that stabbed them in their backs so mercilessly.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja


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Broken History-robbing us of our legacy

Is the history of India going to start and end with Mrs Sonia Gandhi.? The Congress has no sense of history and so the government has no records of the Emergency-of the safe transit of Warren Anderson, of the plight of the Bhopal gas victims et al The dark days of Emergency, the putting in chains of our valiant leaders are all not recorded to seems. The Bofors case records also will be lost. So what remains? The media should take up this issue if the history of the country is blackout then where is the nation-a nation with a pieced past, a broken history cannot have a future. The scams also will be all unrecorded. It is the obligation of the government to put everything in black and white be it the directions, the orders; every file must carry the respective ministerial commissions and omissions. Soon the Parliament debates also will be missing and finally the Constitution will be erased and deleted-if not literally then politically, socially and governance wise. It is a sad commentary for the government to draw a blank to the RTI query –the PMO, the Home Minister and the National Archives all have to be put to shame. The darkest days of our country-The Emergency is something this country’s citizens want in black and white and not blacked out. A nation which came through those days-a nation whose men/women of caliber who had stood against the powers and upheld the national honor-a nation must know that the Emergency was ordered by Indira Gandhi for her own dictatorial power. The nation must know how the country came through it and what sacrifices went into the Passover. George Fernandes is a living example of what the Emergency did to brave men. That is the period which will speak volumes of the valor and courage of the men/women of India who could oppose dictatorial rule of Indira Gandhi-this is of prime importance so that the nation realizes the danger of autocratic rule of Indira Gandhi-the danger of a hereditary rule and the gradual erosion of democracy. It is urgent, significant and of utmost important if this has to be arrested, and the subsuming of the country into a banana republic has to be stopped. Get the records-the PMO must provide every record pertaining to the Emergency-otherwise it is a skewed documentation that writers will produce and they cannot be blamed. To left to the memory of those living who suffered under the Emergency is to rob the nation’s posterity of its history. The UPA2 cannot be let off the hook in this treason to the country. It cannot rob the country of its history. Kudos to Mr Devasahayam But for such honest men part of our history could be blacked out permanently. The Congress party cannot get away with this treachery. It needs to be blacklisted and blacked out. In power it is tampering with historical records and trying to rewrite history in its own sycophancy way. Let us get on to the retrieval of the records of the Emergency Days. It is a serious violation to destroy records. This government cannot be trusted to adhere to basic norms-for it has no sense of history. It is in power only to uphold one family and the misdeeds of that family are being destroyed and blacked out.This is a conspiracy against the aam admis.Their history is precious and posterity will not forgive us. This is our legacy which we have a right to and which has to be safeguarded and handed over to generations to come. Is the media listening… Dr Mrs Hilda Raja Vadodara..

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UPA2 is Stinking and sinking


Mrs Sonia Gandhi the Congress leader had requested her party leaders not to allow personal ambition to come in the way of their performances. What she does not realize is the fact that the UPA2 is a ship without a rudder. How can a ship sail especially in turbulent waters when the Captain is not at the steering wheel? Mrs Sonia Gandhi wanted a weak person at the helm of affairs because her motive was to have someone who would be just a puppet-to keep the chair warm till Rahul Gandhi was ready to claim it.

Look at the scams that have mired the UPA2.Never in independent India did we witness a government so mired in muck and stink and slush money. There is a saying in Malayalam-the tail will not wag unless the head shakes. The whole system stinks and what is Mrs Sonia Gandhi bothered about-to keep herself and her son out of any criticism. Towards this she should be able to show a clean hand but when the HAND covered also with dirt then how can only criticism be avoided. By fielding big mouthed spokespersons whose task is just to shout down the others will not safe her and the Congress. In fact it worsens the situation.

See how unconstitutionally the Congress is using the CBI as the Congress Investigation Bureau to settle scores, to buy the silence from its allies, to threaten and intimidate and to buy time. The Hand which is supposed to clean up contaminates and disfigures the whole picture of democracy. One is at a loss as to where to begin. Let me at random pick a few examples. One has yet to hear the end of Bofors because it is going to be an ever lasting blot on the Congress. Just recently the congress spokesperson Abhishekh Manu Singhavi quipped ‘do you think the CBI is a bunch of fools”? The CBI is not a bunch of fools but a bunch of men who have no backbones, who have sold their consciences to the political bosses. And the Congress has made it a bunch of fools when the CBI was unable to net in Quattrocchi. The whole world must have been laughing when they went to Argentina without the necessary papers. Was it an excursion trip they made at the cost of the taxpayers? CBI is for the time being nothing but the handmaid of the Congress and it does not mind being fools for its political bosses .Hence  Abishekh Manu Singhavi should throw that question at his own party and not to the people. We are thoroughly ashamed of how the Congress has demeaned such Central agencies and made these its faithful handmaids.So ‘Q’ could walk away with the looted money and much to the relief of Mrs Sonia Gandhi

Take another scam-Food for Oil. Till date we have no clear answers of the role Mrs Sonia Gandhi played in this. Poor Natwar Singh was harassed and driven out of the Congress fold. But why did the CBI not get to the root of the matter? Is it because it is a handmaid of Mrs Sonia Gandhi’s government or because it consists of a bunch of fools?

One may think that these are all past-well the present becomes past but the past will not disappear in the history of a country unless these are dealt with and justice is rendered. They will remain to haunt the perpetrators. Why is the CBI and the UPA being selective in only digging out the cases in Gujarat? Why should only the past of Modi become the present? Why the Sikh riots are conveniently forgotten while the Gujarat riots are being replayed and mentioned at the drop of a hat. How does that give Mrs Sonia Gandhi the President of the Congress party which massacred ten times more people of a minority community the sanction to hold forth on ‘merchants of Death” Were not ten times more people butchered during the Sikh riots and was it not organized and operated by the Congress? Did not Rajiv Gandhi even so callously and blatantly justify it? So should not Rajiv Gandhi and the Congress be indicted for abetting this genocide and violation of human rights? Posthumously should not RG be tried, and the record set straight. This is of prime historic value and posterity will see that Indian democracy had stood for justice no matter how high one was.

And  the Congress party which usurped power, gagged the media, threw into prisons thousands of valiant men and women, abolished 526 satraps because democracy does not lend itself to hereditary power replaced itself with supreme power and made it hereditary must be send to vanavasam as a sort of penance and reparation. After all for the President of the Congress who took to renunciation this is a natural follow up towards redemption and salvation. This she owes to the aam admis. She who by the sole claim of a legacy came to power must accept all the legacy baggage she claimed. Mrs Sonia Gandhi and the Congress Party owe this to the people of India.

Events of natural disaster, governance omissions, systemic and systems failures have all been creating havoc and costing untold misery to the aam admis while the political class gets away with offering mere tokens. Loss of human lives and blood letting have overtaken the country in quick succession that even before one is being debated, grappled with, brought to the floor of the Parliament, for the attention of the nation it is being  shouted down by the specially trained shouting brigade consisting of the National spokespersons of the Congress, the people are benumbed and unable to cope with the frequent  body blows they are given by the  stinking UPA2.Yet the fortunes of the Parliamentarians are ever rising-be it in muscle clout or money power. The taxpayers’ money is lavishly used without any qualms of conscience.

This brings me to the present state of affairs. The past one month saw the hue and cry against Union Carbide-the Bhopal gas victims and the deplorable way in which the whole disaster and its aftermath were handled. Two Congress governments one at the State and the other at the Centre were in power. The last we heard on this was a blame game.It cannot be the Centre government because the infallible Rajiv Gandhi was at the helm of things. So the blame must be chucked to the State-Arjun Singh was then the CM but common sense will indicate that a CM of a State cannot allow a criminal safe transit unless it had been promised by the Centre. When the din was a bit loud then Manmohan Singh wakes up and comes into the loop. Because Mrs Sonia Gandhi would not allow Rajiv Gandhi to be blamed the quick fix method was applied- a GoM empowered is appointed to look into the matter and report-The GoM naturally found no records. Granted there was no record the fact remains that Anderson was allowed to leave the country. So it becomes worse, that a foreigner who has to account for 15000 dead can leave the country –with no government records and hence no accountability of governance to the aam admis. Does these no record absolve Rajiv Gandhi and the Congress? Or does it point an accusing finger to the Congress that it ran a government without records of its omissions and commissions? But before the people could comprehend and raise the demand to a high volume for castigating the Congress and its role- another train disaster overtakes us and again people are benumbed with the dead toll and the tragedy which befalls the poor. Neither Mrs Sonia Gandhi nor Rahul Gandhi thought it fit to visit the site of the disaster and console the victims and their families. So the people of India are left to their own wisdom and have no time to spare to nurse their brutalized humanity but to get going …..

We are over taken by sexual scams in the field of sports- skeletons keep tumbling and the TV channels keep us abreast during prime time. So the whole focus is shifted from scams, corruption, Bhopal tragedy, Rajya Sabha seats for sale, to sex abuse in the Sports, but unfortunately the scam in the Common Wealth Sports burst forth. With scams and with the ministers’ involvement being so common a reality in governance this is also taken in the stride of the nation-as a matter of fact happening. After all when ministers and the political class are involved can it be devoid of scams and corruption? There are media reporters who even castigate the people who are making much of this scam-what is important is the CWG  must be a success. The middle class value of image and the name of India are more important than scams, than honesty and the ideal that the means is as important as the end. The silence of the PM and of course Mrs Sonia Gandhi must also be read in the same vein. After all MMSingh has been presiding over a ministry which is mired in contradictions and egoism and scams and is  total disarray. A.Raja is very much there.

All the time the inflation had its upward trend and hit astronomical heights and the aam admis are trying to soothe their half empty stomachs with the promises that by Dec the prices will come down. Shall we wait then till then and not buy vegetables, pulses, cereals and live on fresh air and water-even these two prerequisites of life are not available. Seeing the  MPs so smug in Parliament churns the half empty stomachs. They do not care. They are cocooned in villas abroad, while the wheat rots, high rise buildings and low human values and they surely do not need to worry when it comes to price rise for they have money flowing from many quarters. Subsidies for the filthy rich like the Anbanis with crores of tax exemption are not debated and not even raised by the Opposition

We are assured as usual that the CWG will be probed and who ever is involved in the scam action will be taken but the kingpin of it Suresh Kalmadi is safe- he  states with smug confidence that if the PM, Mrs Sonia Gandhi and the IOC demand then he will step down. What are we to make out of this? What probing do we need? This is a time buying device. It is necessary to start at the AR Films and the AM Cars and Van Hire to trace why a 450,000 pounds was paid to them by the Organizing Committee and 25000 pounds continue to be paid to these firms. Will we ever get to the bottom of the affair or the glamour of the games will cover it up. The probing agencies are fully engaged in Gujarat and have no time for other scams and probes.

What is unpardonable is the finance meant for the SC/ST welfare siphoned off. This is a crime and constitutional violation. The PM is still silent. The response we have is that even the SC/ST gains. Gains how and why? Is that a justification for the money meant for its welfare to be siphoned off for the CWG. Why not the budget allocation earmarked for the Minority ministry be used towards this? It is a Constitutional violation to divert money meant for the welfare of the SC/ST for any other purpose.

The PM who presides over this muck has to be indicted. An honest person will not tolerate dishonesty by those under him. If he has no powers to demand the resignation of the corrupt then he should put in his papers. The fact that he does not reveal Mr Manmohan Singh’s feet of clay. To be weak and to be in power is really something rare and a contradiction. Because he is weak he is the PM.

What is bothering is that this great scam was not unearthed by the CBI or the ED but by the British taxation department. Abishekh Singhiv must now answer if the CBI and the ED are a bunch of fools. In Headley’s case too the man so smoothly slipped in and out of India- where were these Central agencies ,only when the FBI nabbed him, put him on trial, and the justice system there quickly sentenced him locked him in prison then India was  making a plea to question him! Chidambaram thinks that it is big feather in his cap to have succeeded in making the US government agree to the quizzing of Headley by our CBI. And what has happened to the disclosures made by Headley? Ishrat’s case is being reopened in Gujarat in spite of Headley’s revelation that she was an ISI agent.

No government would survive such a head load of scams, corruption, inefficiency, and inability to uphold democracy. A government which has utterly failed on all fronts cannot be allowed to stay in power. This is a banana republic and the people must be made to realize the danger in such a system.

The UPA2 is not only stinking but also sinking.

Dr Mrs Hilda Raja


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