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Digvijaya and Fascism

Digvijaya Singh and Fascism
Modi following Hitler’s tactics to grab power says Digvijaya Singh-Congress General Secretary.The man should know what he is talking. After all one must make some allowances for Digvijaya and pity him because he suffers from not only foot in the mouth disease but also from colour blindness. His colour blindness is related to being allergic to the colour ‘saffron’ and is blind on green. This is evident when he has till date not reacted or commented on the explosive, disclosures and confessions made by Syed Abdul Karim Tunda-the Lashkar-e-Toiba explosive expert. Had it been a Hindu explosive expert’s disclosures Digvijaya Singh would have had a hay day because he is allergic to the color ‘saffron ’which would have given him extra insights of the ‘saffron’ danger to India.This would have been picked up by his ‘sisha’ Rahul Gandhi and Sushil Kumar Shinde. Even P.Chidamabarm is silent in spite of wearing thick spectacles he is also color blind. Hence no one has till date reacted to the statements, disclosures and revelations made by Tunda .This one sided and biased perception is a characteristic of fascism.
Digvijaya thinks that all Indians are fools and can be fooled all the time.Digvijaya must know clearly and more authentically of fascism because Mussolini came to power after he joined Hitler and adopted fascism .Italy is the power house of fascism and has the global patent for fascism then and now.Italian mafia is an off shoot of this fascism .Now tell me why Digvijaya is obsessed with fascism. He has first hand knowledge and admiration of fascism because anything Italian he is fascinated with. After all the Congressmen/women have an excessive love and admiration and a bias for anything Italian.
So what is not surprising is that Digvijaya frequently thinks and utters about fascism. Only problem is what is within his personality structure he projects on others and Modi becomes the victim. For example a clear indication of fascism is its hidden agenda. Nothing comes out in the open. It is all behind a screen. All criminal actions are buried by omission and commission and silence of the mafia. Investigations would go on for years sometimes for decades (remember the Sikh riots)would lead to naught. If someone is finally indicted the mafia will find ways out. This is so true to the kind of governance/non governance of the Congress. Its silence and its investigations spanning years and decades finally coming to zero is a very clear characteristic of fascism. Like fascism the congress has the ‘muro di gomma’,the impenetrable ‘rubber wall off which all investigations bounce.
One has only to look into the misdeeds of the Congress. Lets us take a few examples. I would start with the Bhopal gas tragedy-the biggest global disaster. And what did the Congress do-then Arjun Singh was the CM of the State and Rajiv Gandhi at the Centre. Instead of rushing to rescue the victims-to offer solace and wrought justice- both the Congress governments at the State and the Centre allowed Union Carbide man-Warren a safe exit from India. He was given a plane to get away from justice. What did the investigations lead to-nothing? Both the governments coolly washed their guilt in fascism.
What about the Sikh pogrom of 1984.The Congress and the persons like Digvijaya Singh have only the Gujarat riots to point at.The thousands of riots in India under the Congress regimes are swept under the carpet It was the height of fascism that made the Congress leaders to mercilessly butcher and massacre a minority community. And these leaders were all rewarded.20 years on and still there is no justice and these men have been allowed to live as free citizens.What was Rajiv Gandhi ‘s reaction to this pogrom in which thousands were massacred and women and children terrorized-the homes gutted-girls raped .He justified all this-It is the height of fascism. Imagine when this is the mind set of the Congress Digvijaya has the warped mind to call Modi a fascist .It is through this bloodshed and injustices that the Congress held on to power.Yes there were elections but the Congress lost its majority-cobbled a coalition government and de-bunked democracy which can be manipulated.
Now through the backdoor the Congress is working through a few NGOs in the US to deny visa to Modi.How were Rajiv Gandhi and his family allowed then free global travel-Where were the Human Rights organizations? Today Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi travel to the US-the latter to treat an undisclosed aliment. There cannot be two rules-especially internationally.Modi is an elected representative of the people of Gujarat and the Congress seem to gloat that he is refused a visa.Again it is working behind the scenes-a typical functioning of the fascist.
Take the case of Quattrrochi.It is the fascist mentality that led the government of India to stall all investigations and it was Margaret Alva then the minister in charge of Personnel and Training who allowed Quattrochhi to flee the country. Later it was Hans Raj Bhardwaj- who sent a special envoy to England to get the amount released. And ‘Q’ fled with it though there was a red alert on him All those who helped to stall and prevent justice were rewarded This is how fascism functions. The Prime Minister then explained that he was out of the loop.
Take the various scams –all leads to the PMO and what do we get? – A stunning silence .Even the so called Food Security Act was drafted by not any government or ministerial group but by the NAC. This draft was sent to the PM who automatically okays it because it comes from the Italy born Sonia Gandhi.Even this was passed by an ordinance. At every juncture and on every issue the PM would appoint a Group of empowered ministers to look into the specific issues .As though the ministers need special empowerment-what the other ministers are doing God alone knows. I am citing all this to show how secrecy the hallmark of fascism is the normal procedure of the Congress. Not one investigation would bring out justice
Look at the way the two Italian sailors who shot two Indian fishermen at sea are being treated. Would the same kind of treatment be extended to Indian murderers? The Italian sailors are allowed to go to Italy to celebrate Christmas. They are given five star treatment. Here even locally one is not allowed to go home. This is fascism. .Stalling justice-making it to come to zero and a kind of a defiance .An accountability to none and a by passing of all democratic institutions and procedures-this is fascism. Fascism knows no rules-abides by no norms but it is controlled by one or a group of authoritarian persons. This is evident in the Congress. Any wheeling dealing is covered up
Now look at the missing files of the Coalgate scam .All search will come to nothing because it is the fascist’s policy to create a wall of rubber. Any investigation will bounce back. We have a Prime Minister who is now in the loop of all the scams. And his reaction is no reaction but like a robot he functions. Who has the remote control? This is true fascism .The secrecy-the screen behind which it functions, the lack of procedures and democratic norms-all these belong to the Congress and the Congress alone. How did it come to power? Was it sheer hard work like Modi or from the grass root levels rose up in the hierarchy? Now it created its own power centre in secret-build a three layer of sycophants and chelas and controlled everything in the polity.
Even the various programmes of the government-the schemes are all in one family name. It shows the concentration of power…Except the garbage dumps- all roads-airports-awards, schemes, programmes are all in Nehru-Gandhi family name. As though this country belongs to it. Only the Congress with its deep fascist attitude and mindset can indulge in this kind of glorifying its name and making us believe that what matters is just one family.
So next time when Digvijaya Singh mentions of Fascism he must know that mafia and fascism belong to Italy which had authored both and holds the global patent for these- and the rest will fall in line-thinking and action… It is not prudent to live in a glass house and throw stones at others. Digvijaya thinks he has the license to bash Modi but the more he bashes Modi the more Modi grows in stature because we Indians may not react immediately but we have a good memory and are aware of the misdeeds, misrule and manipulations of the Congress which was in power for 55 years and which witnessed a rule of fascism-with a cover-up, with a mask and a behind the scenes working.
Above all fascism is dynastic-it is one family business. Remember what Robert Vadra stated recently that it is the business of the family to govern. This is the core and nucleus of Fascism. Next time if the Congress and its leaders point a finger at Modi and call him a fascist let us not get agitated because when one finger points out four fingers point to the person who states such. And from all aspects the Congress and its leadership is immersed in fascism and all that it stands for –be it in governance/non governance. Even fascism has a ‘compassion’ veneer’. Throwing crumbs for the high table is one of its recreational gimmick .It is in this light one should read the Food Security Bill. So now the slogan of the Congress leaders including P.Chidambaram is development with passion and compassion. Only there seem to be no development. Please know that the Congress is a fascist party. Its every action and inaction -all point to this one fact. Now we can understand the eloquent silence of the Prime Minister.I wish someone would prescribe an effective remedy for poor Digvijaya Singh both for his foot in the mouth disease and his acute color blindness.
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja,

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