A defining moment in history

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The dust and the heat has subsided and so one can look with some clarity and calm at the events that unfolded-Unprecedented crowds waved the tricolour-that made the heart throb-to see waves and waves of tricolour for a purpose being waved.It was symbolic that Indians have matured politically.They cannot be taken for a ride anymore-the middle class came out of their indifference and took to the roads-it was Anna,Anna all the way. In  schools in Vadodara the children fasted for one day This is a moment in history which defines the course of events to follow.

Articles have come-I have read two good ones one by Jaithirtha Rao

‘Erring on the side of good sense (IE 29th Aug) the other by Gururmurth’Anna stir a balance sheet’ More will follow I am sure and it is good to put down one’s thinking.

What struck me hard was how the Parliamentarians were quick to safeguard their ‘rights’ and this means their right to bribe and to sully-nay violate the very forum of Parliament. How can they hide behind Art105(2) to go scot free in taking bribes to vote and to speak? They stoutly opposed any move to bring in their actions within Parliament under the Lokpal bill. Similarly whether the Lokpal should have powers to transfer, suspend or even remove officers guilty of wrongdoing so that they do not influence the process of investigation was again opposed by the MPs that it clashed with Art 311 and 320(3)(C)Naturally they were against the removal of ministers because this clashed with Art 75.So what the MPs are holding out is that they must be immune to action against them and for this they hold out the Constitution.

It must be remembered that the Constitution is for the people and for good governance and not the other way round. The people and good governance cannot be sacrifice to uphold a Constitution-change the Constitution-amend it, attune it to the changes and the demands of the time. Surely the Founding Fathers would not have envisaged criminals to become MPs. They would have then put in a clause that such should be taken to the open grounds by the people and shot down. The powers of the MPs flow from the people-the sovereignty of the Parliament is not created in abstract or from a vacuum but from the power of the people. The Parliament must and is obliged to uphold the wishes of the people-to articulate their aspirations and hopes and accordingly function. It is not to uphold the wrong doings of the MPs and a Parliament that does not reflect the wishes of the people has lost its sovereignty. That’s what we witnessed and we will witness people’s power more in the coming days I am sure and hopeful of.

Is it not for the MPs to say that their deeds and misdeeds have a blanket covering and cannot be scrutinize by the people who elected them? It is nonsensical for former Speakers and MPs to talk about the sanctity of Parliament when they have violated that sanctity. When at least 105 criminals are sitting as MPs where is the sanctity of the Parliament. It is also illogical to state that the people who sent them as their representatives have no voice and authority to question their deeds within Parliament. This is defeating the very spirit of democracy. It looked ridiculous how MP after MP stood up to ridicule Anna and to robustly defend their powers and uphold the sanctity of Parliament.We the people are thoroughly ashamed of such MPs-through hood and crook –through money power-their get themselves elected to the Parliament to safeguard their own vested interest and begin the loot. How many of our Parliamentarians would pass a rigorous test of honestly in functioning, honesty in governance and show clean hands? It is a shame on India and they still want to loot the people. Heir time  of reckoning has come

But then first let us examine if we really have democracy when the MPs, ministers and the PM were so closely guarding something which we do not have. Hence they blame Anna for undemocratic ways and strategies. Where is democracy and democratic norms. It all started from the day  when Mrs Sonia Gandhi made her renunciation democratic norms were throw to the wind.We have a nominated and handpicked Prime Minister.Is that democracy? Constitution was amended for representatives to be nominated in the Rajya Sabha from places where they did not live. Is this democracy? Why was the Rajya Sabha created? So we have a PM with a house rented in Assam and a ration card he holds to prove that he is a resident of Assam.Is this not defeating the spirit of democracy? We have an NAC which advises the PM-which drafts bills and has become a mini parliament presided by Mrs Sonia Gandhi. Who should advise the PM-what is the council of ministers then for?We have for every issue a panel/committee and a commission. What is the task then of the Parliament. ?It is not parliamentary democracy by a panel raj. Who is the head of the government-not the Prime Minister but Mrs Sonia Gandhi who orders and rules from No 10 Janpath road. From the moment she entered into active politics democracy died. She became a super/extra constitutional power and the PM a puppet. Is this democracy? Now people are wailing and weeping that they missed Sonia Gandhi who would have tackled the Anna episode better. I am sure she would not have succeeded- Because she is the root cause of everything.

And that everything is the augmentation of corruption. Corruption on an unprecedented scale at the highest echelons of the government. She looked down on people with begging bowls and talked of food security and wanted strategies on how to throw a few more crumbs into their bowls while the country was looted. There are any number of articles saying that the most powerful woman is the most corrupt and so it is to a nation which sees her as the mother head of corruption and all that is wrong in democracy that her sycophants keep saying that Mrs Sonia Gandhi would have handled the Anna issue better. To get a cabinet position she formed the NAC and became its chairperson. At every step she belittled the authority of the PM. But that Manmohan Singh asked for it is another aspect. Why had he to be her humble subservient handmaid? India was inching slowly but steadily into becoming a banana republic-thanks to Mrs Sonia Gandhi.

So it is comical to fall back on democracy and watch the MPs hurriedly standing up with their wit and hollow words as champions of democracy and the Constitution.The fact remains that persons like Lalu Ptrasad Yadav against who cases are pending on his disproportionate assets naturally will not want a stringent Lok Pal .So these jokers stood up as champions of the Constitution to the mirth of the people who saw their wit and their jokes as nothing but a camouflage of their corruption.

Parliament cannot be forced and hastened to act was the chorus.But then Parliament did hasten things when it wanted. Jaithritha Roa in his article ‘Erring on the side of good sense’, has pinpointed two instances :when in 1985 PM-Rajiv Gandhi signed an accord with Sant Longowal who was not a minister .To bring peace to Punjab Rajiv Gandhi overlooked the approval of Parliament and the Standing committee and his own cabinet. Rajiv Gandhi signed another accord with the All Assam Students Union which represented no government and no political party. So there are precedents established by the Congress. Another glaring unconstitutional and break of tradition was when President Zail Singh swore in Rajiv Gandhi as Prime Minister even when he was not a minister. There was no sanction from the parliamentary party. So if these things could have been done why does the Congress and the Parliamentarians first question who Anna Hazare is and why the civil society pressurizes Parliament and resorts to undemocratic ways? May be Kapil Sibal, P.Chidambaram,Lalu Prasad Yadav  and Rahul Gandhi should read up history of  our democracy and its unfolding at various periods.

Coming to Rahul Gandhi: somehow the very fact that the Speaker allowed the MP to use the zero hour to read out a draft of three pages does not auger well for upholding parliamentary y norms.Would the Speaker had given such permission to someone else?

So when Rahul Gandhi stood up at the zero hour he already created a feeling of animosity-thanks to the Speaker. But then his long treatise did not go down well because he was silent all these days, because the Gandhi family was silent all these days and is seen as being at the root of all that went wrong with democracy. And to say that one Lokpal is not enough was laughable. To make it similar to the Election Commission is not very encouraging because the EC members are nominated by the political class and look at the case of Naveen Chawla.The same is for all our investigation agencies-they are subservient and used by the ruling class for their own vested interest. So Rahul Gandhi making his sermon did not click. A dirty hand cannot speak of abolishing corruption and will not be seen as a clean wiper. Rahul Gandhi is projected as the youth icon and assess what he has achieved in his 41 years? Everything has been given to him-his position as the General Secretary of the Congress did not come to him because he put in hard work. He has to think long before he speaks and when he speaks he reads a draft. He has the red carpet spread-can walk into the PMO and demand that the NREGP to be expanded-can any other MP do that? So RG is seen as one who is pampered and who has lost touch with the travails of the people. Does he have to bribe anyone to get anything? He has lost touch with the people-nay with India.Mrs Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi has become irrelevant in today’s India . It is time they realized this hard truth.

Finally corruption is all pervading. It is not limited to land and mining as stated by Rahul Gandhi.Land and mining are only the natural rich sources which the political class misuses to throw up corruption. Corruption cuts across caste, class, rich and poor There was an attempt to bring in majority/ minority in the corruption issue I know a number of cases of corruption indulged by the minority-by the learned and the ignorant, by the religious and the irreligious. For each category I can cite instances. But the inability to arrest corruption by the Prime Minister, his silence, his inability to intervene is also corruption. One need not assess the assets but his functioning did abet corruption. So in corruption there is a wide range- of direct players and silent players who by their silence are guilty and this is one reason why the Prime Minister must come under the ambit of the Lok Pal.

The value of honesty seems to have disappeared. Money power and muscle power counts-with these two statuses can be acquired-.Hence there should be a conversion of human minds towards the value of honesty. To give bribe and to take a bribe is equally corrupt. Anna revolution must echo in each and every Indian heart to make a resolution to adhere to the value of honesty no matter how hard, no matter the cost. The Political class then can be tackled!

Dr Hilda Raja

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  • 1. Thirumaran Sankaramani  |  August 31, 2011 at 5:51 am

    A remarkable article. But aren’t all your articles similarly remarkable? So no real meaning in any further complimenting.
    Only one request: Continue writing, please.
    11:25 AM

  • 2. hilda raja  |  August 31, 2011 at 7:58 am

    Thankyou Thirumaran.you have always been generous in your appreciation.Yes I will continue writing but then don’t forget age is catching up and I take care of my huabnd and do all the cooking.The political scene is depressing-the Parliamentarians are a shame to the nation.They do not want to arrest corruption hence all hurdles are raised.They forget that ‘We the people’ are supreme not the Parliament.Because these are the opening wording of the Constitution.Hence to say that the sanctity of Parliament has to be safeguarded and it cannot be bypassed etc is all trash.
    Just buying time
    Thank you and do pray for me the Almighty gives me strength to continue my work for my beloved country and her people.Vande MATARAM
    May the Devi bless you

    • 3. Thirumaran Sankaramani  |  September 1, 2011 at 4:04 am

      Do not worry about age catching up and the depression due to the political scenario. a) Good people like you do not leave this world without an imprint. b) As far as the politics and the crooked MPs are concerned, you can rest assured that ‘people power’ will prevail. The Hazare movement has amply demonstrated this. Actually, it is honesty that is catching up and the next general elections will prove that. Until then, let’s not despair. There is, after all,
      hope, now.
      Keep your faith and health.
      Due recognition may be late in coming. But your work will not go unsung.
      Regards, ma’am.
      09:30; 01-09-2011

      • 4. Hilda Raja  |  September 3, 2011 at 3:25 pm

        Dear Sankaramani,
        It was really touching what you wrote.It was not only encouraging to say the least but really did energize me.To tell you the truth I do not look for any recognition-I could have had a global posting long ago if I at least toned down some of my views.Remember I belong to the Catholic church-the most powerful religious structure it has.They would be happy to have a woman articulate-but its views.I little of mine.!The Lutheran Church invited me to place me in Geneva.What do I care for these positions if truth has to be crucified.Apart from truth being crucified they are doing everything that is against the whole concept of patriotism according to me.I am loyal not to the Pope of to any church but to my country and its people.Towards this I will do anything-yes anything.It is heartening that there are people like you and when one is gone-others will rise up.Hence my reward is already and in people like you I see HOPE and an echo of the deepest aspirations of me-my country first and last…
        Thank you very much.Your wishes and prayers will keep me going. After all no one is indispensable but the ability to submit to the will of the Almighty and when my task is done I unite with the Paramatham.All the best to you and once again my heartfelt thanks for your sentiments and wishes.HR

  • 5. dakul  |  September 1, 2011 at 6:56 am

    Quite simply, whatever will the rest of us do without you?

    • 6. Hilda Raja  |  September 3, 2011 at 3:32 pm

      Dear Dakul.
      Please read my response to Sankaramani it is also meant for you.To your specific question the answer if that the Lord will provide.There comes a hundred leaders when one of gone.You have only to keep your eyes and ears open.But what you raised touched me.I am immensely proud that at this age I have such loyal and devote followers.Do I deserve it?It is all the blessings of the Almighty that is what I tell my husband.I am sure the seeds I sowed in my humble simple way will sprout and yield a hundred fold.Thank you for your concern and your wishes.With your prayers and wishes I hope to carry on till I am called to my Creator-that’s inevitable which one should accept gracefully and peacefully.Be strong and Hold on the flag -keep it flying high.

  • 7. sagar pilare  |  September 1, 2011 at 8:15 am

    Respected Ma’am,
    You have succinctly explained that the parliamentarians should not hide behind the glory and paramountcy of the parliament and must express the wishes of the people. However, I have a few points to put for your kind consideration:-
    1) I think the privilege conferred on MPs under art.105(2) is necessary to enable them to discharge their functions in parliament efficiently and without fear and favour. There have not been may occasions when MPs have accpepted bribes for asking questions. When the MPs were caught in a sting operation, they were immediately supspended and disqualified from membership. So the present system has dealt with the MPs accepting bribes for asking questions sternly. Therefore, I think taking away the privilege given to the parliamentarians only because a few of them took bribes for asking questions will not be proper. The behaviour of the parliamentarians outside the House does not enjoy any privilege and they are subject to laws as other citizens and the MPs are also not claiming any privilege for their behavious outside. Their only concern is that they should have total freedom of expression and vote within the House.
    2) You have rightly pointed out that the sovereignty of the Parliament is created from the power of the people and the Preamble starts with the words ‘we the people’ and therefore the parliamentarians should not hide behind the glory and supremacy of parliament and must take into account the wishes of the people. There is no disagreement with this proposition. But some caution is needed. I would not like to dwell in detail on the nuances of sovereignty here, but would like to mention that the issue of sovereignty is a complex issue. The jurists have found sovereignty in Parliament, people and the Constitution of India. Here we must understand that sovereignty(supremacy) has different types. In my opinion, it is correct to state that in India, Parliament is the legal sovereign and people are the political sovereign. The crucial question is how this political sovereignty is to be exercised. As we all know, it is exercised by electing the representatives and putting before the elected representatives the aspirations of the people by meetings, agitations, morchas etc. It is easy to say that people are sovereign (supreme) but it must be understood that the people don’t have one will. There are different groups having different and often contradictory ideas. Therefore no group can claim to represent the entire population. Therefore the methods of putting the demands must be democratic and within the parameters of the Constitution. Taking the specific issue of anna hazare’s agitation, nobody denies the civil society the right to put forward their version of the Bill (In fact, the standing Committee gave them special hearing ) , to agitate peacefully for the same etc. But their attitude of dictating terms to the parliament to accept their version of the Bill before a particular date under the threat of fasting (emotional blackmail) was not correct. As is well-known , there are already 4 versions of the Bill. How could anna and his comrades claim that only they represented the civil society and their version should be accepted? It is commendable that they seem to have understood that and have called off their agitation. What will happen if tomorrow a mulla gathers ten thousand people at Ramlila maidan and demands shariat as criminal law for muslims under the threat of fasting? Should the parliament accede to such demand? In the name of democracy, the mobs in Paris turned the democracy into mobocracy and it gave rise to Napolean who crushed the democracy. We cannot allow this to happen in India. Edmund Burke, who was once a supporter of French Revolution had to criticize it later because it turned into mobocracy and according to the principles of representative democracy put forward by him, the representatives are not bound to obey each and every dictat of the electorate but have to obey their own concience while legislating and administration of the country. The political sovereign (the people) have the power to remove them in the next general election. But till then, they should put their demands in constitutional and legal ways and have no right to threaten/blackmail elected representatives to have a particular way.
    3) I think appointment of Rajiv Gandhi as Prime Minister cannot be called undemocratic and unconstitutional in any way. According to the Constitutional provision, the criteria for appointment of Prime Minister seems to be who would command the majority support in the Lok Sabha. Rajiv Gandhi was subsequently elected leader by the Congress Parliamentary Party and in the next general election, the people of this country gave him unprecedented 4/5 majority. So Gyani Zail Singh had correctly appointed Rajiv Gandhi as Prime Minister as he commanded majority support in the lower house. It can be said, that senior most minister (Pranab Mukherjee) should have been made care-taker prime minister till the election of leader by Congress Parliamentary Party. But we must consider the situation then prevailing. Prime Minister Gandhi was killed by her own body guards. There was bound to be and in fact there was a reaction against the sikhs and Gyani Zail Singh would have thought that instead of making any temporary arrangement, if Rajiv was made the Prime Minister immdiately, the reaction would be less violent than it otherwise would have.
    It should not be forgotten that even though there are corrupt elements in the parliament, the parliament passed RTI Act which has been instrumental in reducing corruption to a large extent. In the name of fighting corruption, the institutions of parliamentary democracy built up painstakingly by generations should not be allowed to be subverted. Otherwise there will be anarchy or ‘anna’rchy.

    • 8. Hilda Raja  |  September 3, 2011 at 3:43 pm

      I accept much of what you say but not all.Zail Singh should have gone through the Parliamentary formalities no matter the emotional environment.Rajiv Gandhi would have been ultimately elected.In politics assassinations are not uncommon but to bypass constitutional norms was setting in a bad precedent.Then no what the Parliamentarians are crying and shouting hoarse about Parliament norms etc.Each situation then calls for appropriate action.Your last para I full endorse and that’s exactly why I fault Zail Singh.Also for the Foreigners Act -it was passed in a week’s time-this to facilitate Mrs Sonia Gandhi’s citizenship.The condemnation of Parliamentarians of Kiran Bedi and Om puri is uncalled for.Even children speak so badly of the MPs.In the Face book worse things and written.Thats what they deserve and their behavior and actions do not speak well.Hence they should have overlooked these and not felt so sensitive.Today one accuses even god-the Pope the Shankaracharyas-why not the MPs what is this immunity under which they hide.They are exposed-their wealth-their inactions and inactions,their loot everything is so obvious -then what is this great insulation.Is that why the MPs are given privileges for?
      Thank you for your educative inputs.There is no one perspective-and I appreciate yours too.Regards.

  • 9. Sita  |  September 5, 2011 at 6:54 am

    Happy Teachers Day Ma’am,feeling very proud to have been in your class. A very good analysis ,ma’am.

    • 10. Hilda Raja  |  September 5, 2011 at 12:01 pm

      was thinking of you-especially on Teachers Day-most of my students who are special to me-and whom I remember.It was a pleasure teaching them because they are not just attentive but very responsive and intelligent.It is a pity the nation forgets the teacher-the humble simple one who introduces the child to the first window tolook into the world’s wonders.Thank you Sita.Love.

      • 11. Sita  |  September 7, 2011 at 3:05 pm

        Very true ma’am,A nation that doesn’t resopect its teachers is in a difficult position.Many of the comments below are equally enlightening.Nowadays ,it seems fashionable among some ‘intellectuals’ to decry the Anna Hazare Movement,& also the Baba Ramdev one.What they fail to notice is that they aren’t the only ones with intelligence.This attitude of “I know better than these Natives”[obviously an extension of the “white man’s burden”-kind of thinking] pervades the thinking of these ‘intelligentsia” and also the NAC,as also the Congress party,is very sad as it shows their disconnect with the people,& the ethos they live with.

  • 12. sivaraman  |  September 5, 2011 at 11:59 am

    Parliament and Democracy

    Democracy as I understand is ‘rule by the majority’ meaning whichever party wins more than 50 % of the seats and not the number of votes, forms the govt.must win 272 seats
    Is this the position today?parties which fight the elections calling one another all sort of names ,suddenly forget all the invectives and abuses used to help them win seats and start bhai-bhaiing and become rulers.These strange bedfellows resort to divorce if they are not happy in sharing the spoils.The major party does not quit for want of majority.They immediately marry another spouse ,waiting at the corridor ,and become a family and the majority is restored and continue the rule.
    I would like to be enlightened as to whether this type of formation is
    considered Democratic Govt in our Constitution.

    • 13. Hilda Raja  |  September 5, 2011 at 12:12 pm

      You have raised a very relevant point because the kind of democracy we have is no democracy at all-not even in its twisted form.For example the allies who gives support from within and from out have completely different agendas and different manifestos.Some have totally different ideology.If you take numbers then again it is a game.Say in a constituency of 1000 adults just 500 vote(that’s 50percent-which is rare).Then out of this 50 percent the votes get divided between the various parties so the single largest party considered the winner would have got say about 25 percent of the votes.The rest gets fragmented.Now if one considers this party the winner which means a party which secured just 250 votes of the 1000 adults voters would we call it an elected representative of the 1000?If we careful scrutinize the election results and make some calculations we will discover that not always the party which wins has the confidence of the electorate.Yet we call it democracy.Apart from all this unelected members nominated to the RS and then made ministers do not have the sanction of the people.This is against the spirit of democracy.All sorts of twists and turns and we have disfigured and mauled democracy to suit the powerful in India.We do not have democracy.This is my humble opinion..Thank you and all the best to you.

      • 14. sivaraman  |  September 6, 2011 at 11:53 am

        I am happy you have analysed the humbug of democracy more fully..I am still in dark whether this is approved in our constitution

  • 15. sivaraman  |  September 6, 2011 at 11:49 am

    Dear madam,
    hats off on your analytical discussion.But I am still in the dark,whether this type of coalition is approved in our constitution

    • 16. Hilda Raja  |  September 7, 2011 at 6:50 am

      Such a democracy is not accepted by the Constitution but once it is accepted by Mrs Sonia Gandhi -it simply will be the rule of the law.Then sheer numbers of the MPs who support the Congress becomes the biggest single party and it is in power.Even if the MPs extend support from outside and do not join the government,.All sorts of interpretations of democracy has mauled it and the real spirit of it has been lost.One thing alone counts and that is -the number of MPs to lend support.This is a conspiracy against the people and against the constitution and yet the MPs hold up only their MP privileges which is constitutional.The rest they trample under their feet.
      It is a pity that we the people are made to look as real fools and stupids.Thank you for your query.

    • 17. Hilda Raja  |  September 8, 2011 at 11:07 am

      Dear Sivaraman-According to me coalition is not approved by the Constitution-but then I am no legal expert on the Constitution-My layman’s view is that it is not democracy and hence cannot be accepted.But the Constitution is being interpreted in ways that dent its very structure.Single largest party is being interpreted as one which can fudge the number of seats.Look at cash of vote scam.The Speaker should have immediately stopped Parliament proceedings and stopped the voting.Instead Somanath Chatterjee thought it fit to proceed with Parliament even when bags of money were thrown on the floor of the Parliament for votes.Is this democracy and is it allowed by the Constitution?Similarly so many things are being done which is unconstitutionally.But who is to question these big mouth MPs and the spokespersons of the Congress?This is why I keep repeating that we do not have democracy and if we do not have democracy it means that the Constitution is dead.
      I am glad that you are curious and questioning-that’s a sign of a sharp brain -go on in this line and question your MPs and the political class.Let them not create a mirage of a democracy and hold out the Constitution as their shield.All the best to you.The opinion of poor likes like me does not count in the whole farce of a Parliamentary democracy-it is a mock Parliament that we have.The very beginning itself-the way the MPs are elected-the way the Upper House has been misused and the way a PM had been handpicked and nominated-all are the factors that make me call this a mock Parliament.

  • 18. Sundar  |  September 7, 2011 at 7:02 am

    Dear Madam,

    Well Mrs HR, I was not fortunate enough to be your pupil but out of love, respect and regard for all teachers, I take you as one. Also, the genuine warmth am able to understand from the responses I can only say, God bless your ilk. Please continue the good work.

    Now to the post.

    My understanding of the sage of Anna Harare (AH)’s fast and the response of the Congress govt is as follow:

    1. I believe the country is witnessing a shootout between your living legal luminaries of India. Shanthi Bhushan (SB) and Abishek Manu Singhvi (AM). The only difference is the former works with his conscience dictating his path and other having pledged his, if he ever had one. It would be worthwhile recalling the history of both. SB was the person who challenged successfully in the case against Indira Gandhi in court and got the Court to shoot down her election null and void. Also, he was the first person who first propped the Lokpal in the parliament. No wonder the Congress has lots of axe to grind with SB. Now, AM, he is no doubt a fantastic lawyer, and the country requires him. Let us not forget he represented Warren Anderson of Dow Chemicals of Bhopal blasphemy. Now that AM quotes about procedures and processes and the time it would require to get a law drafted and passed – where were the processes and procedures that were cast aside and the unholy haste that was shown when same Warren Anderson was driven in a State car to the airport to leave India? As we know what happened later on – AM was able to get the court shoot down Warren Anderson does not have anything to do with the tragedy and not set step in India to face the trial. Yes, upholding law is obligatory. But Justice be served is paramount. Law was upheld but Justice was not served. Would AM be able to place his hand on his heart and say if Justice was served? Was he not an instrument of injustice on the hapless people of Bhopal. Would AM be able to contest an election in Bhopal against Anna? Did AM have the interest of the people who died in Bhopal and the contributory negligence of Anderson? Or for that matter get Dow to clean up the nuclear mess, at least? None.

    Now this is the person who is heading the committee to draft a Lokpal for the interest of People of India? And me as a citizen have to believe the interest and welfare of the citizens is uppermost when drafting the law?

    2. In the whole sage of AH – aspects that readily springs to one’s mind are – the Trust Deficit of the Congress Govt, Deal in Bad Faith of the Congress Party. This is exemplified if one were to retrace the events of negotiation of AH team and the Congress Team. Firstly, AH team insisted the meetings be telecast live, later recorded and transcribed. Both were vehemently and obstinately declined by the Congress. Why? What was the National Security that would be compromised if either had been done? What would have come out is what positions each individual – which exactly the Congress Team wanted to deny to the People of India. The Government or the Congress Team was under no obligation to accept any points that the AH team has proposed – but why not explain the same in public eye? Does it not smack of chicanery, subterfuge and dealing in bad faith the least? This view does vindicated by the current happenings – the Congress is calling names of the members of the AH team of twisting what transpired in the meetings. As to Trust Deficit: If the people of India have indeed reposed the Congress MPs to the Lok Sabha – does it mean, they have supported the contents of the Lok Pal Bill that was bandied out? On what basis do they say the people support such a bill? If they had the confidence, why did they rework the bill after the agitation? If the bill was such an exemplary one I dare the Congress Party (all other parties for that matter) not to use the whip but put the Jan Lok Pal bill for voting Sans Whip. Let there be a vote count and be clear to the People of India as to which MP votes for and votes against the JLP. Let that MP go back to his/her constituency and talk about integrity, honesty and working for the people and canvass for votes.

    The AH team spoke of usage of Referendum: – Strongly derided by the Congress Government. Why not? Let the JLP, Aruna Roy’s Bill and other bills be placed before the MPs, let them read through it, consult their own experts, take 4 weeks tour of their own constituencies, speak to interest groups, legal lights, communities, heads of businesses, disadvantages groups et al and draft a simple debate – ask people to come up with their own ideas pro and against. At the end of 4 weeks, let the MPs give a clear indication of the mood of the people alongside his/her own inputs as to the position of that particular MP is on pertinent points. Let this be made public to the people of the constituency through media – call for a critique – another 10 days. End of the 10th day draft a final report and status of the particular MP – again fully, and in detail available to the constituency. Now let the MP vote according to his conscience and in tandem to what his/her constituency demands. That would indeed be a real reflection of the Will and Aspiration of the People.

    Lots to write on your blog. Will continue with further material on the same subject.

    Thank you.

    • 19. Hilda Raja  |  September 8, 2011 at 11:25 am

      Thank you for your warm sentiments Sundar.We are all pupils of someone and we continue learning from the lessons that dialy unfold-the out of classroom learning is real wisdom and I am sure you have plenty of that.
      Like you I do not believe that the Congress party has even the moral right to draft the Lokpal bill because it is immersed in corruption.It cannot see clearly-its eyes are jaundiced and its perception biased.How can a dirty hand clean a surface and remove the dirty.I agree that Lokpal is not a magic wand but it initiates and takes up the cuddles.It is a first step to publicly and democratically articulate that we the people will fight corruption.
      I do not believe that the Congress is sincere because persons like Abishek Singhavi hold the brief for corporates like the Union Carbide and have not the sensitivity to feel that corruption is sin against the people of this country and sin against oneself.
      Referendum is feasible and would tell us what the people really want.The Congress will not agree.Even voting in our country is fudged..Everything the Congress puts up obstacles.Even recall of the MPs is a good suggestion.If a constituency is dissatisfied with the record of its MPs there must a day when they would cast their votes to continue him or to recall him.This is not such a herculean task-everything is to make democracy really people’s governance.Once elected the MPs think that for five years they are safe and are immune to the sufferings of the people.They do not represent the people’s aspirations and needs.In such cases more Annas would surface and finally they would lead a revolution.Pull them out of Parliament and make them accountable to the People’s court.
      The very phenomenon of Anna taking center stage was one such burst of dissatisfaction with governance and with our MPs yet they think that they have privileges.Even the gods we can curse-we can question but not our MPs who think high and mighty about themselves.Power does not flow top downwards but from bottom upwards-that’s democracy.In everything it is the power of people and ‘we the people’ which must be reflected.If that is marred and mired then democracy dies.The very persons who should uphold democracy is murdering it.How logn will the people tolerate this?
      You have very well analyzed the whole AH episode.Thank you for sharing and giving me your valuable inputs.

  • 20. dakul  |  September 19, 2011 at 7:41 am

    Your column must be more widely circulated than you realise.
    It has happened to me before.
    Each time I had tried to to click on “leave a comment” on your new post some ad starts playing..
    Today it was “Spicejet” two times. It has a “replay” but no “X”. Once it was something else..


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